Sunday, 9 May 2010

What I learnt

Well, Heather was very generous with her time and she had clearly done her homework. We discussed more effective emails newsletters and how to monitor their effectiveness, how to use Twitter with and Twitpic, customer online surveys, gettng on YouTube and much more.

There was just SO MUCH information to disseminate and I've spent the weekend trying to get my head round it all as we've been offered 4 hours of free consultancy in one of the areas we discussed. When I came away from the meeting I thought I was fairly sure I should recommend to rebecca we follow up about Twitter but having played around with it with Heather's pointers I'm having a rethink and wondering if that time would be more usefully spent on  something else.

So I'm going back over my notes now to see if I can summarise it all and come up with a recommendation to discuss with Rebecca. It is absolutely fascinating stuff though. I have already built up my followers on Twitter from 26 to 86 in 24 hours! Those now need to begin to translate into enquiries for workshops, studio visits, print sales, etc.

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