Monday, 21 June 2010

Article about Etsy

I came across this article today in the Daily Telegraph and wondered how this applies, or IF it applies to printmakers on Etsy/Printsy. I see a lot of prints like linocuts for under $100 sometimes as little as $10-$20 but I'm wondering if printmakers selling higher priced original prints like large monotypes or any print medium for $100 upwards get much business.

Can anyone tell me?

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Melody Knight Leary said...

I've noticed that those printmaker's selling small relief prints for low prices ($20.) do sell work. However, I haven't had any luck selling higher priced prints. People look but don't buy. Now, either they don't like the work or they prefer to see the actual print before paying higher prices. (I'm talking between $50 & $150. for original prints.)I'm just not sure if Etsy is a good way to sell prints.

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