Wednesday, 21 July 2010

As promised

Here is a preview of the new floral monotypes I've been working on. Some I was happier with than others but the ones I am not happy with I have been working on further using transfer drawing monotype. 

I also tried incorporating viscosity printing with mixed results. I was reasonably happy with this one. I inked up the plate, wiped it back and then did another roll up in the contrasting blue. The grasses were pulled out using a cotton bud and then going back to them with ink on the cotton buds to put in the pink. The poppies are acetate shapes inked up separately and placed on the inked plate.

This one was uses the ghost image of a previous print and a blended roll up for the background. I was trying a more painterly approach to ink up the poppy (also using a viscosity roll up after removing some of the ink in the acetate). I'm still not sure whether I like it or not. May need to do more to see if I can improve on this approach.


Anonymous said...

Wow.....these are really beautiful Carol. I love the idea of inking up separate acetate shapes.

Jackie said...

These are gorgeous, and very inspiring for a new student in monoprinting... (via the OCA's printmaking course).

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