Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Photo Etching Summer School in Progress

Our four day Photo Etching Summer School started on Saturday. Rebecca and I have once again shared the teaching, each of us doing half days. This suits us, especially during the summer holidays, and it also means our students get the benefit of two printmakers input. As everyone who does printmaking will know we all learn the skills and then we make them our own. So our students get the benefit of two artists approach to the same medium.

This can be a recipe for confusion but we try to make sure that we address that with clear step by step notes - the rest is up to different creative approaches from inking the plate, to making the positives (whether drawn, painted or digital), chin colle, etc.

During the four days the students are learning:

  1. How to prepare a plate.
  2. Hand drawn painted/drawn positives, using a variety of media including indian ink, tusche toner, gouache, etc.
  3. Combining hand drawn/painted positives with photographic/photocopied positives.
  4. Multiple colour printing, multiple plate prints, a la poupee.
  5. Chin colle 
  6. Multiple layered photo etching on one plate and more.
Images will follow either later today or tomorrow.

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