Monday, 6 September 2010

I'm back!

I know my blog's been a bit quiet for a while. Life and summer holidays got in the way. We've been back a week from our holiday in Ireland but I've been fully occupied firstly with teaching the last two days of our Creative Linocuts summer school, then purchasing school uniform and all those domestic things one has to do in the arrival back from holiday and the week before school starts.

Now I'm in the throws of meetings at school because my daughter is rethinking her choices for the 6th form and so everything is up in the air again, alternatives have to be revisited in the prospectus and the pros and cons of changing subjects weighed and measured against future prospects and possible university routes, etc, etc, some of you may already know the drill.

I had intended to keep a daily diary on my blog whilst I was away posting the images that might form the basis of future work. The cottage we were renting boasted wifi connection but I could not get online for some reason or other. Possibly not such a bad thing really. The temptation to look at one's emails and other work related stuff might have been too much and even if I had resisted the temptation not to respond it would be there, sitting in the back of my mind and the break would not have been a proper break away from routine and I really did need it.

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