Friday, 19 November 2010


Two fellow bloggers Diane Marsland Art & Design and Jesse Breytenbach of Jezzeprints had reason to remind visitors to their blogs or Twitter that they own the copyright on their work. Jesse had discovered that someone local to her was selling cards using her designs without her permission. 

It reminded me to remind any visitors here, to the Horsley Printmakers site and any online websites including my Flickr pages that if you like my images enough to want to use them you can only do so with my written consent, especially if you intend to use the images commercially, in which case I would expect payment. If you don't want to use my work commercially but you would like to post one or more of my images on your website or blog please ask first. I'm sure I will have no objections as long as you link it/them back to my blog as your source.

My prints are the way I make my living ... as Diane says we all have bills to pay so whilst it may be flattering to be copied it is much more satisfying if I get paid for what is after all the result of my hard work.

AND .... please note, if you are tempted to ignore this polite request, you should know my work is collated and stored legally. I DO have proof of ownership.

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Carol's Original Prints said...

the copyright symbol I used came from this source

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