Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Resolutions suck

I have been pondering this business of New Year's Resolutions. As the New Year approached (and went) I felt utterly depressed at the cheery status updates on Twitter and Facebook of all these people entering the New Year with the best of intentions that would in all likelihood hit the buffers within hours/days/weeks of 2011. 

I felt I SHOULD be making some sort of New Year's resolutions. In deed I felt a desperate NEED to make some sort of resolution(s) but only if it/they had real meaning. 

I made just TWO resolutions today.

  1. To make the most of any opportunities that present themselves this year.
  2. To maintain a positive 'can do' attitude through out the year.
Then I read Kirsty Hall's 'Resolutions Suck' post on her blog. Here is a kindred spirit. Based on her wise words I am going to flesh out my two resolutions with some specifics.  Resolution No. 1 I have three potential candidates/opportunities which I intend to break down into small, clear achievable steps over the coming months. Details will follow when I can talk about them.
Resolution No. 2? Well let's start with today. I got back in the saddle and did stuff today that made me feel better. Tomorrow I will start positive, if any negativity creeps in I will either give myself a bloody good talking to and/or find a positive task to do that will chase those blues away.
What about you?

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