Thursday, 21 April 2011

First Booking and other developments

This is really exciting!! It looks like we might have a definite booking - our first - for this summer school from someone in Bloemfontein and that is just in the 24 hours since I posted the costs. If you are reading this in South Africa and you think you might be interested do get in touch with Beth McAlpine about flights. We haven't posted the costs here because there are too many variables. It all depends on what individuals want to do once they get here. It is just easier to speak directly with her so you can discuss the possible options. For convenience I have uploaded the course leaflet on Yudu which includes Beth's email address and cell phone number. You can click on it at the top right of this page under the Facebook button.

Now that we have the course and cost details firmed up Beth and I are discussing further developments and outcomes to this summer school. Beth is investigating the possibility of an exhibition in Johannesburg after the course. The exhibition can be based solely on the work made during the course or possibly based on work that comes out of the participants now knowing how to use the skills to make better plates and prints. MAYBE it might also travel to Cape Town ... it is early days!

And what about a print exchange - between the course participants who can edition the plates they make on their return to wherever they come from? That way participants get a print from each of their other course participants as a memento of their trip.

What do you think would be an exciting outcome?

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