Monday, 30 May 2011

Okay okay I know I've been quiet for a while....

Okay okay I know I've been quiet for a while .... but ... I'm back now with some great news ... well I think it is anyway.

If you were following my previous posts you might know that back in November my husband was made redundant. This fairly well put the cat amongst the pigeons as my other half and I reassessed our situation. I had to have a serious look at my printmaking practice and examine whether I could justify continuing some, most or all of my practice.

My husband did in fact get a new job fairly quickly albeit at the other end of the country so that has presented its own new challenges. His need to be away for most of the week also coincided with another family issue which requires him to be away much more than we originally anticipated.

So what happened at my end? Well, having reassessed our situation I decided I had to pull out of The Horsley Printmakers partnership so that I have more flexibility to pursue other streams of income whilst hoping that I would be able to maintain the production of my own work and indeed building on it. So as of April 30th Rebecca Vincent continues Horsley Printmakers as a sole trader. I am now a guest tutor on Horsley Printmakers workshops and for the immediate but short term future I will continue to use the studio to make my own work.

But .... there are further developments that I will cover in a separate blog post.

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