Saturday, 24 July 2010

UK Handmade

'I'm entering the Sakura Jewellery giveaway on @ukhandmade details on the website here'

UK Handmade isn't strictly speaking about printmaking but I still thought I would share it with you. I can't remember how long ago I stumbled upon it , I think it was via Dog Daisy Chains blog. Anyway, I think it is wonderful. There are oodles of lovely handmade things including the occasional tutorial to make your own 'whatever'. 

The magazine has started running a monthly giveaway where hand crafters/artisans/artists donate a prize. In return they get traffic back to their site as part of the giveaway asking visitors to pick their favourite 'whatever'. SO ... you don't have to buy anything, just say what you like and presumably this gives the seller some useful market research ...and maybe some people actually do buy something.

There are other steps that are optional like you can sign up for the UK Handmade newsletter if you are really interested in hearing more, you can become a fan on Facebook, or Tweet them, all of which get you extra entries in the give away...if you want to.

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