Saturday, 4 December 2010

Back to the Christmas Open Studios.

I had a good look around at what the other artists were selling as I didn't want to pass the opportunity to do some of my own Christmas shopping.

Mandy Pattullo of Thrift and Thread had some reeeally lovely pictures made from recycled fabrics, buttons et, sock monkeys, beautiful Singer sewing machine drawing silkscreen prints (printed onto old 50's and 60's dress patterns) and more. I would have bought them for myself. Unfortunately, the other person in my family who would like her style I've already bought for. 

Mandy's friend Cia Bosanquet had some fantastic things, silk felted scarves and jewellery, christmas wreaths, woven mats, and pomander kits. I wish she had a website because her things were lovely but I can't show you here. You'll have to come along if you live in Northumberland and can get your car out on the roads tomorrow. One of my former printmaking students was also there. he is a bee keeper and he had beautiful honey and honey products. His daughter is starting out making organic soaps (Oakwood Soaperie - soon to be on Folksy - keep and eye out) using some of the by products of his bees too. I bought loads from her for Christmas gifts.

There is loads more available and Alana and Kevin had the most delicious smells wafting out of the cafe today. Mince pie scones ... that's scones with mince meat mixed in to them. Yummmmm! If you are out and about tomorrow or next Sunday or the Sunday after, come and do your Christmas shopping with us.

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