Saturday, 4 December 2010

Christmas Open Studios.

Woke this morning to a distinct thaw in the weather. Things were looking up. On arrival at the Hearth the hall was a hive of activity as the guest artists began putting their wares out. Only one of them was unable to get in. She is snowed in at Alston under 5ft of snow!! I think she had a good excuse don't you?

By 11 a.m. there was a quiet lull and we all looked at each other and wondered if we would be the only ones doing any Christmas shopping today. And then .... lo and behold .... people started to arrive. At first we began to see people we never saw before from the village. It's amazing how a little bit of snow is forcing people to find out what is on their doorstep that they can walk to. I think they will be back!

Then more people arrived, people who were desperate to get out, had dug themselves out of their snowed up streets and found once they were out the roads were pretty good actually.

My new range of cards are going really well. There is one clear favourite and it wasn't the one that won the internet market research!. This is the one that I am selling the most of:

  and  and finally ...

These are available as a set of six, 12 x 12 cm greetings cards for £15 or £2.50 each plus P&P. Each of these images is also available as 12 x 12 cm signed limited edition giclee prints on Hahnemuhle fine art quality 310 gsm paper for £25 each.

Email me for P&P details. I'm new to this so I will be investigating the P&P costs straight away.

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