Monday, 31 January 2011


I've decided I'm going to attend Mandy's Surface Decoration workshop myself as Mandy always has a new perspective and ways of working that I know will inject new life into my own work. My current floral work came as a direct result of attending a monotype evening class Mandy ran for us and I'm expecting new inspiration to help me develop this vein of creativity further. Here's a couple of samples of previous students work for other workshops she has tutored for us.

From time to time, all us creative types need to step out of our own little box and see what and how others work. When I have taken the time to attend a workshop run by another artist whose work I admire I never regret the time spent. I pick up little tips on how to improve my technical skills; it's always interesting to see how others teach and I get ideas for how I might improve my teaching practice too; and last but not least seeing through the creative eyes of another can spark off a whole new wave of creativity so I am very much looking forward to the workshop.

There are still a few spaces left for anyone else who needs a new lease of life on their own work or indeed for anyone interested in surface pattern and decoration for textiles or paper. Just visit the Horsley Printmakers website Spring courses page for more information and email me to book a place.

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